Galvanised Security Bin Stands ex Perth

$172.70 incl. GST / $157.00 excl. GST

Sizes:  120 Litre and 240 Litre
Single or Double Lock
With or Without Lid Restrictor
Pole or Base Plate

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The Galvanised Security Bin Stands ex Perth, are available in a variety of options. They come as 5 different parts that you select to make the bin stand you need. So for example, a single wall bracket would comprise of a security lock and a key. A double head stand would comprise of two security locks, the pole or base plate and a key. 

  • Galvanised Security Lock – No Lid Restricting bar
  • Galvanised Security Lock – With Lid Restricting bar
  • Galvanised Pole
  • Galvanised Base Plate
  • T-Key


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  • Galvanised Security Bin Stands ex Perth / WA Lockable Wheelie Bin Stands
  • Available in two sizes: for 120L and 240L wheelie bins
  • Includes 1 key per stand
  • Galvanised steel ensures corrosion resistance
  • Spring loaded locking mechanism
  • Designed for maximum security
  • Powder coated options to suit any location
  • Lid Restrictor:
    • Prevents disposal of bulky household waste
    • Lid remains closed when not in use
    • Prevents birds and vermin from accessing the waste
    • Conceals waste from all weather conditions
  • Fixing Options:
    • Base Plate
    • Pole
    • Wall Bracket
  • Multiple Applications:
    • Suits single or dual bin placement
    • Pole option is ideal for concreting into any location
    • Base Plate option is easily mounted to existing concrete or paved area
    • Wall mounted options available

Bin Stands Perth Base Plate Double Head


The Galvanised Security Bin Stands ex Perth are manufactured from hot-dipped galvanised steel, ensuring quality and durable products for the Australian market. They corrosion resistant and ideal for any location, including coastal areas.


  • Galvanised Steel
  • Powder Coated Colours are not available ex Perth, WA. Please click here for our bin stands ex Melbourne.


Bin Stands Perth T-Key




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120 Litre and 240 Litre


Galvanised Steel

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