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Teal cartoon wheelie bin giving a thumbs up

Mr Wheelie Bin is proudly Australian owned and operated, and has both Kerry Ann Faithfull and daughter Candle Faithfull at the helm.

Our business is entirely run and operated by women (perhaps we chose the wrong name all those years ago!). Our offices are paperless and are powered by solar and through CoPower, a wonderful cooperative energy supplier. We bank ethically with Bank Australia, and all company vehicles are Hybrids.

Kerry is an avid green thumb and loves to grow as much food from home as possible, and Candle and her husband Rob are very active in supporting and sponsoring local rescue animals and environmental causes, finding more ecological ways to do things, and working towards zero waste.


Back in 2005, Mr Wheelie Bin was a happy accident. We needed a large quantity of wheelie bins for the Faithfull family orchard, but there were no wheelie bins available in Queensland at that time. So the closest bins we could source were from Victoria. And then Kerry had a bright idea – why don’t we supply wheelie bins in Queensland? After much deliberation, researching, and product testing, Mr Wheelie Bin was born.

The Faithfull family peach orchard

Time has passed, and we now have a QLD and NSW office and ship direct to our customers from warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Over the years we have added to our range, to include materials handling equipment such as wheelie bin tippers, forklift attachments and specialty recycling bins, we have exported wheelie bins to Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific, and have even sent special food grade bins to Canada and Harrods in the UK!

Its been a fun ride working in the family business together – we love the wheelie bin industry and we have the best customers on the planet – yes you!!! 😃

Got any questions about wheelie bins, bin tippers, or anything we might know a little something about? Get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

Kerry and Candle
    & The Mr Wheelie Bin Team

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