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Teal cartoon wheelie bin waving hello

When your wheelie bins are too heavy to move around the school, or 2 or 3 need emptying at once, and the skip bins are a great distance away, a wheelie bin trolley is a great way to avoid injury, and get the job done easily. 

The Electric Trolley is the heavy duty model designed for steep driveways and prolonged operation in commercial environments, and can move 2 full wheelie bins, or with the second handling bracket, it can move four lightly laden bins at one time. 

And the Manual Bin Handling Trolley is the basic model and is designed to handle one or two wheelie bins at a time. 

Both models have an easy to use hook system allows the bins to be attached to the trolley with ease, whilst the third wheel takes the load as the bin is tilted. It also has a failsafe braking system for peace of mind and puncture proof tyres that ensure the trolley is practically maintenance free.

Let us know if you have any questions about the wheelie bin trolleys - we're here to help 😃

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