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The WheelieSafe Heavy Duty Electric is designed for prolonged operation in non-residential environments. It has a 15ah heavy-duty battery set allowing operation for 90 minutes without re-charging. The Heavy Duty Electric also comes with a second handling bracket, which makes it possible to handle four empty or lightly laden bins at a time.

The electric trolley eliminates the need for operators to push, or take any tilt load on their back and push a wheelie bin at the same time. It provides the motive power to move heavily laden wheelie bins, removing a major source of WH&S injury incurred in the handling of heavy and/or multiple bins. The WheelieSafe Heavy Duty Electric Trolley also has a tricycle undercarriage that takes the tilt load off the operator’s back, eliminating another significant source of WH&S injury incurred in handling heavy bins.

The operator can relax, free to concentrate on controlling the speed and steering the unit safely. The WheelieSafe Heavy Duty Electric can also handle up to four lightly laden bins at once providing a considerable productivity advantage in the handling of multiple wheelie bins. The Heavy Duty model is ideal for moving bins around hospital, educational, sporting and other institutional campuses. It can also be used on industrial/mining sites, at multiple residential developments, life style and aged care facilities, etc.


Picking up the bins is facilitated by the patented hook system which provides almost effortless loading.

With the addition of a simple WheelieSafe Sling the trolley can move stackable chairs nine at a time with ease.


  • Dual 24-volt 180-watt electric motors operating through worm drives directly onto the axle
  • Driven by dual 12 volt long life sealed lead acid batteries mounted in series
  • Dual 12v x 15ah batteries
  • Patented bin hook system provides almost effortless bin loading
  • Up to one and a half hours of continuous operation
  • Powered in forward and reverse
  • Two speeds: slow for maneuvering in confined spaces, and fast (up to brisk walking pace) for covering distance
  • Gearing provides effective braking, with emergency magnetic brake
  • High quality pneumatic tyres
  • Folding stand that minimizes its footprint when not in use
  • 240v battery charger and battery condition gauge
  • Free-wheeling hubs allow movement manually when unladen to conserve battery power



  • New stock arriving soon!

    Bins to Move: Up to 4 bins
    Power: Electric HD Battery
    Dimensions: TBC
    Unit Weight: TBC
    Product Code: WHSTRL-ELEC

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