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The 120 Litre Hands-Free Wheelie Bins are a cost-effective recycling solution for schools, workplaces and other outdoor areas. They have the durability you would expect from a classic wheelie bin, with the added convenience of a foot operated pedal system and educational recycling sign.


Australia has fully embraced the Wheelie Bin since its introduction in the Seventies. The sturdiness and convenience of this system is well understood, both in terms of manoeuvrability for the user and the efficiency of automated collection.


The Hands-Free Wheelie bin leverages this effective design, with optional vinyl educational signs about recycling and a durable steel pedal mechanism, which allows users to access the unit without touching the lid. Such additions significantly improve the convenience and simplicity of public place recycling and thus, drive better recycling outcomes.


Popular as a set of two, the units come as either a yellow ‘Recycling’ and red ‘Landfill’ unit, designed in Australian standard colours.


All units feature a steel step-on pedal which is light and easy to access, even for the littlest of kindergarten ‘big’ kids. The lid then snaps back closed when the pedal is released, making the unit waterproof. Alternatively the lids can be lifted as usual.


Body Colour: Black
Lid Colour
  • Made in: Australia
    Dimensions: 930mm H x 480mm W x 560mm D
    Weight: 9.3kg
    Capacity: 120 Litre
    Product Code: 120HFB-BK/R, 120HFB-BK/Y

    MINIMUM ORDER QTY OF TWO (2). Combining sizes is ok.

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