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The 40 Litre MultiSort Recycling Bin has been designed by industry experts specifically for Australians, incorporating a range of best practice waste diversion features. The popular 60 Litre Grey Base is manufactured in Australia from 100% Post Consumer Recycling Content, which is a great step toward to the circular economy!


The lids are manufactured for durability in Australian Standard recycling colours. Each stream features differentiated apertures around which educational text and graphic symbols are printed. This information is printed directly onto the lid for durability. These features ensure people instantly recognise each stream without training, and also allows the lids to be wiped clean or disinfected without the risk of the dreaded sticker edges peeling.


  • Made from Polypropylene (PP or LDPE)
  • Won’t rust, dent, peel or chip
  • Units can be placed in convenient stations or next to key waste generation points, eg. Classrooms, Tea & Coffee Stations or near the Photocopier
  • Specific waste streams are easily identified with lids manufactured in Australian Standard waste colours, with graphics and text printed around the differentiated apertures
  • A flexible range of commercial recycling bins, that incorporate best practice waste diversion features, that are proven to increase recycling and reduce contamination


The MultiSort bases are available in three sizes, 40 Litres, 60 Litres, and 90 Litres. The popular 60 Litre size also features a range of coloured bases, which can be used to make the stations even more colourful. Alternatively these coloured bases are often placed under benches in commercial kitchen spaces where lids are not required but colour consistency for waste stream identification is essential.


The units are free standing as the stable base is designed so there is no requirement for stabilisation bars or fixing. This means that while the units will sit together as a uniform station, they can also be easily moved and are very convenient to empty or transport.


This popular solution is also supported by a number of accessories, including purpose built trolley systems and bag holder inserts.


Body Colour: Grey
Lid Colour

    Dimensions: 495mm H x 319mm W x 401mm D
    Capacity: 40 Litre
    Product Code: MS-40DGRY + lid colour

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