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The 70 Litre Commercial Grade Pedal Bins are a great Hands-Free bin option, for use in a variety of settings. 

Over the past two years, many business and industry Workplace Health & Safety rules have changed drastically, now requiring new sanitary hands-free bins in many areas of the workplace.

These commercial grade hands-free foot pedal bins are well suited to a range of commercial applications, workplace common areas, kitchens, bathrooms, as school bins, and hospital bins.


70 Litre Commercial Grade Foot Pedal Bin Hands-Free
70 Litre Industrial Grade Foot Operated Touch-Free Bin


  • Polypropylene
  • HACCP Compliant
  • Won’t rust, dent, peel or chip
  • Tight fitting overlapping lid
  • Simple thee step assembly
  • Includes educational information on the lid for each waste and recycling stream
  • External mechanism ensures smooth rounded interior for easy cleaning. Compatible with bleach cleaning


The Pedal Bins are a great commercial bin, providing a hands-free solution for separating recyclables from landfill.


The high quality commercial-grade units are available for all common waste streams in Australian Standard colours, with educational recycling labels. The system is HACCP compliant, and has proven particularly successful in areas in which WHS and cleanliness is paramount, such as commercial kitchens, hospitals and childcare centres.


The bins are available in a range of colours in three sizes, 30 Litre, 45 Litre and 70 Litre.

Incorporating a range of best practice features, the lids are manufactured in Australian Standard waste colours, with labels incorporating both text and graphics to clearly identify each waste stream.


The Pedal Bins are easy to open using the heavy-duty foot pedal, which utilises an external mechanism with a single back spine to lift the lid vertically. This unique all plastic construction provides a much more durable solution, compared to internal step-on mechanisms. It also ensures the unit is rust, peel and chip resistant, and the resulting internal rounded corners and smooth contours are also easy to clean and disinfect.


When the pedal is released, the tight-fitting overlapping lid snaps back quietly to provide a seal which helps minimise odours.


The base is available in three sizes providing you with the flexibility to suit a range of spaces and waste capacity requirements.


Body Colour: Grey
Lid Colour
  • Dimensions: 673mm H x 412mm W x 500mm D
    Capacity: 70 Litre
    Product Code: PB-70

    MINIMUM ORDER QTY OF THREE (3). Combining sizes is ok.

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