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The Custom Commercial Megadumper Bin Tippers (600kg) can be custom-built with any tipping height from 700mm up to 6 metres.


They have a huge weight capacity of 500+kg, and if you can get the bin to it, a Megadumper will lift it! The basic design can be modified to suit a wide range of bin sizes, shapes, and weights – standard drums and bins do not require clamping, simply place on the cradle and press the ‘Raise’ button. 


These units can be fitted with multi-purpose cradles which can empty all standard plastic skip sizes, as well as dumper bins and crates. 


  • Safe lifting capacity of 600+kg
  • Custom units from 700mm up to 6 metres
  • Optional extras: PET Guarding, Lift-up Locking Door, Stainless Steel
  • Standard plastic skip bins or customised for drums, crates or other bins
  • Power options: 3-phase, Battery or Pneumatic Hydraulic
  • Ideal for Supermarkets, Construction sites, Apartment blocks, Waste Management companies, Event organisers
  • Comprehensive 12 month warranty
  • Made in New Zealand


As standard Megadumpers have a galvanised frame and cradle, and are virtually maintenance-free. They are available either with full stainless steel construction, or with selected components from stainless-steel for critical hygiene areas or corrosive environments. 


These units are highly versatile and can be used in numerous applications, ranging from emptying rubbish bins into skips to pouring food ingredients into hoppers or mixers.


  • Please ask us for a quote for a custom Dumpmaster Bin Tipper. 

    Made in:  New Zealand
    Skip Heights:  Recessed docks and up to 6m
    Power:  1-phase, 3-phase, Battery or Pneumatic Hydraulic
    Lifting Capacity:  250kg-300kg
    Product Code:  DMCUSTOM

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