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The Niftylift Manual Hydraulic Wheelie Bin Tipper (30kg) is a manually operated wheelie bin lifter or wheelie bin tipper, that aids in the lifting and emptying of wheelie bins into dumper bins, or skip bins, using hydraulic gas struts.

The Nifty Lift can lift up to 30kg at a time, and was designed specifically for primary schools, care facilities and small retail outlets that dispose of paper and general waste, where the wheelie bins are emptied once or twice a day.

This bin tipper is ideal for infrequent light weight lifts and eliminates all lifting from the process of emptying wheelie bins into larger dumper bins. The user is protected against unfortunate and costly back injuries.


  • Safe lifting capacity of 30kg
  • Lifts 80L, 120L and 240L bins (small manual adjustment)
  • Manual Hydraulic Operation (assisted lift)
  • For skip bins to 1500mm in height
  • Primary schools, care facilities and small offices or retail outlets
  • Suitable for 2 lifts per person per day
  • Comprehensive 12 month warranty
  • Made in Australia


The lifting action is a “full swing” tip operation which enables its footprint to be compact in size. For more than a few lifts per day, or for heavier bins, the 50kg Eco Lift or the 65kg Ezi-MT models are recommended.



  • Made in: Australia
    Skip Height: 1500mm
    Power: Manual Hydraulic-Assisted Lift
    Dimensions: 1420mm H x 800mm W x 900mm D
    Maximum Height While Tipping: 2850mm
    Unit Weight: 57kg
    Lifting Capacity: 30kg
    Product Code: NIFTYLIFT30

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